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Spring is traditionally the time in the UK to freshen our homes and prepare for the seasons ahead. Here are some of our favourite luxury natural cleaning products on the market.

Caring for delicate fabrics

Laundress is an American eco-friendly brand that specialises in detergent, fabric care and home cleaning products. Their ‘Wool and Cashmere Shampoo’ keeps your delicate clothes in the best possible condition – a god send at the moment whilst the dry cleaners are closed!

Laundress, Wool and Cashmere Shampoo
Available at Selfridges

The Sweater Stone was designed epecially to help remove pilling and lint from your clothes. The natural pumice renews the finish of jumpers, cardigans, blankets and upholstery. And we think it is an essential addition to any laundry room or wardrobe to help keep your clothes looking good for longer.


Non-toxic products for the kitchen and home

Tincture is a London based brand which has created a range of high performance, natural cleaning products. All the ingredients are 100% natural, sustainable and non-toxic. And best of all, the products are safe to use around babies, children and pets. Essential oils and botanical extracts are key ingredients in these products and they’re chemical free too!

Ashley & Co. is another luxury brand who have created a range of beautiful products that are naturally plant based. They’re also 100% biodegradable and free of SLS & parabens.

‘Benchpress’ is an all round surface spray which includes essential oils like citrus, clove bud and cinnamon bark. It is effective without the use of harsh ingredients; is gentle on skin and leaves surfaces spotless and fresh.

Reusable Towels

These reusable and sustainably sourced Bamboo Reusable Towels from Eco Egg completely replace the need for paper towels in your kitchen and home. Each sheet becomes softer and more absorbent with each wash. They won’t scratch any surfaces or leave any lint or residue and can be used for both wet spills and on dry surfaces. And for every pack sold, the company promise to Plant a Tree with Ripple Africa.


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