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Are there differences between a Private Chef and a Cook?
Private Chefs

A chef may work for an employer in their primary residence, their country estate or second home – this can include a yacht or private jet. A private chef can often work within a small team to include the Butler, housekeeper or any other kitchen staff, so it’s vital the individual is a team player. A passion for food and an excellent skillset is a vital ingredient for a chef. The role of a private chef is to ensure that fresh and seasonal produce can be sourced when and wherever the family are located. Liaising with the employer regarding weekly menu planning or dinner party arrangements.


The role of a cook can be combined with that of a housekeeper with necessary attention to the dietary requirements of the employer. Healthy and nutritious meals will need to be prepared on a daily basis with all the necessary provisions in place. A more experienced cook may be asked to prepare dinner parties on occasion.

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