Yachts and Overseas

Looking for yachting crew?

We can source and supply highly qualified luxury yacht crew, with 5* hospitality and service experience. Let us know your requirements and we will provide a team to make your onboard experience run smoothly.

Looking to take your household staff overseas?

If you want to take your household staff overseas, there are some essential checks you need to make. Our expert advice will ensure you are fully covered from a legal and insurance standpoint. Take a look at our checklist below or get in touch for more help and advice:

  • Apply for the correct visa. Without the appropriate entry visa your domestic helper can be arrested for violating immigration law for working whilst travelling
  • Pay the right salary. When travelling abroad, keep in mind that employers are required to pay the minimum wage of the country you are travelling to
  • Check your insurance policy. Employee compensation and medical insurances need to be in place before you travel
Looking to apply for a yacht crew position?

If you have worked in the yachting industry in the past, or have extensive experience in the UNHW market and are interested in transferring those skills to this new environment, then get in touch.

Accreditations and training required:

STCW – Basic Safety Training and Survival Skills Course.

Duties of a yacht stewardess
  • Providing excellent guest services, silver service and bartending skills when needed
  • Maintaining laundry, housekeeping and wardrobe tasks for both guests and crew
  • Excellent knowledge and experience of fine dining, silver service, wine knowledge and cocktails
  • Ensuring the yacht is in pristine conditions at all times. Polishing is high on the agenda
  • Proficiency in anchoring and mooring procedures if needed
  • Maintaining guest cabin care and detailed cleaning/housekeeping
  • Assisting with inventory and re-stocking provisions when needed
  • Ensure the safety of your clients, crew and yourself at all times.
  • Stowage for Sea
  • You must be fit and healthy and immaculately presented at all times
  • Salary Ranges can vary dependent on the level and size of yacht.
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