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Opulent NOBU Marrakech




In January 2024, Silks began the new year with an exciting journey to the exceptionally chic Nobu Marrakech. A luxury world renowned hotel situated in the incredibly stylish ‘Golden Triangle’ area steps away from the historic heart of the ancient city and moments from the renowned medina.  Where traditional architecture and contemporary art coexist harmoniously.

Being the very first Nobu hotel on the African continent and approaching its first birthday, our excitement at staying at such a wonderful hotel was palpable as we looked forward to an unforgettable experience that would undoubtedly set the tone for our Silks adventure.

Touching down in Marrakech, we were immediately swept into the embrace of Nobu’s hospitality. A short 15-minute drive from the airport led us to the doors of this exceptional hotel, where we were greeted with Moroccan tea and sweet treats and an abundance of Moroccan charm and warmth from the team who took care of us for our entire stay. We were escorted to our magnificent suite where the comfort and quality of linens surpassed any other similar hotels we’d encountered.

Nobu Marrakech is truly unique, featuring 71 spacious suites that effortlessly blend Moroccan craftsmanship with Japanese contemporary touches. The dining options are plentiful from classic fine dining at the Nobu Restaurant and Bar, where Head Chef Matsuhisa leads a team who masterfully incorporate locally sourced produce and flavours.  The rooftop garden does not disappoint.  Boasting a 360-degree panoramic terrace with magnificent views of the Atlas Mountains and the urban gardens that surround the hotel.  A stylish backdrop that serves not only the hotel equally enjoyed by both guests and locals. The circular pool, DJ deck, and poolside terrace add to the allure, creating an atmosphere where relaxation, swimming, and dining on Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine, along with sipping classic cocktails is an art form.

Nobu Marrakech isn’t just a hotel; it’s a sensory journey where every detail, from the culinary excellence to the panoramic views contribute to an unforgettable tapestry of luxury, elegance and pure delight.

No trip to Marrakech is complete without a tour of the world-famous Medina.  A maze of intricate detailed architecture with traditional Moroccan riads, each adorned with ornate tiles, carved wooden doors, and charming courtyards. The narrow alleys, known as “derbs,” are flanked by high walls that keep the midday sun at bay, creating a cool and mysterious ambiance.  As you navigate through the Medina, you’ll encounter a sensory explosion. The air is filled with the scent of exotic spices, the sounds of merchants haggling, and the vibrant colours of textiles, ceramics, and crafts on display. The bustling souks offer a kaleidoscope of goods, from handwoven carpets and leather goods to spices, jewellery, and traditional clothing.  It might be worth leaving a breadcrumb trail as it’s easy to get lost in the long winding shadowy alleyways.  Our wonderfully knowledgeable guide @kenzaeyz

 provided fabulous guardianship throughout our stay with her expert knowledge of Marrakech and all it has to offer.


Exploring the desert is a must on any visit to Morocco, and Nobu Marrakech exceeded expectations by providing a luxury car to transport us to @lebedouinagafay, a magnificent camp nestled in the heart of the Agafay Desert. Surrounded by the beauty of the mountains and immersed in Moroccan hospitality, we experienced peace, tranquillity.  The option to stay in a luxury well-appointed suite or tent is for our next visit.

As our trip to Nobu Marrakech neared its close, we were treated to a truly unforgettable experience at the Pearl Spa—an indulgent hammam that left us profoundly relaxed and rejuvenated. It was the perfect conclusion to a journey filled with opulence, adventure, and the distinctive charm that only Nobu Marrakech can provide.

Nobu Marrakech is only one year old and Silks would like to raise a toast to the memories created and the promise of many more extraordinary experiences in the years to come. Here’s to Silks and the legacy of luxury that Nobu has bestowed upon our us.

For more information on a trip to remember DM us for Silks privileges to experience for yourself what Nobu Marrakech has to offer.


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