Nannies – Live in Or Daily

There are several qualities that a good Nanny should possess. A sense of calm and kindness are essential when taking care of children. Nannies should be fun, fair, understanding and caring. Your job is to set good examples, to listen and offer sound advice. Patience is a necessity if you are to be a success as a nanny, it is a very demanding job that requires good management skills should any difficult situation present itself. We all know that working with children can be quite challenging and emotional at times although for the most part, a job in childcare is a very rewarding, fulfilling and lasting career.

A nanny needs to be stable, self-sufficient and have a responsible personality, flexible approach and the ability to show love and affection to the children in their care. A nanny is responsible for your child’s safety, development and well-being when you are not at home and will care for them as required.

A nanny’s normal day to day duties include the complete care of the children and also:

  • Children’s washing and ironing
  • School/nursery runs
  • Children’s room kept clean and tidy
  • Healthy cooking – shopping may be required
  • Activities to ensure good development
  • Promotion of children’s health via exercise.

Although a nanny should be flexible, you should not expect general domestic duties to be part of their job.

Surrey Housekeepers will only consider employing a Nanny with evidence of one or more of the following qualifications:

  • The National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ’s) in Childcare & Education.
  • The Certificate in Childcare Education (CCE) 1 year course.
  • The Diploma in Nursery Nursing (NNEB) 2yr full time course.
  • Advanced Diploma in Childcare & Education (ADCE) 1 year full time course.
  • Full Time Nannies – £10-£11 per hour, net (this is just a guide).
  • Live In Nannies – £350 to £450 per week net.
  • Salaries quoted are net of tax and National Insurance (except for Maternity Nurses who are generally self-employed).

It is the employer’s responsibility to pay all relevant tax and National Insurance.

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