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It’s safe to say that many of us have been eager to escape somewhere…anywhere over the past 18 months. And whilst travelling during the pandemic still poses risks, there are many ways in which we can enjoy ultra-luxe holidays in 2022.

Book a Private Flight

A holiday is more than just your destination. Your journey shouldn’t be seen as a ‘chore’ or endurance challenge until you reach your accommodation – it should be seen as part of the overall holiday. Booking a private jet will allow you flexibility and security in case your plans need to change.

Through our partnerships with luxury travel providers, we can offer our clients a complimentary discount when booking a private jet charter with Air Partner. The team have access to over 7,000 aircrafts, and are available 24/7 to arrange your flights to the nearest airports at any destination. If you would like to receive more information and the full terms and conditions for the complimentary Air Partner discount, please contact us here.

Satisfy your Wanderlust

At SILKS, we have partnered with the best ultra-luxe travel providers throughout the industry. These specialists can provide you with complete discretion and a seamless service from beginning to end, wherever your holidays take you. We have rounded up some of the best bucket list travel destinations for a 2022 trip that will satisfy your wanderlust.

The Hamptons, New York

Associated with celebrity sightings, The Hamptons, is a collection of towns, villages and hamlets in Long Island, New York. The area provides the perfect mixture of rural atmosphere, historic charm and exclusivity. The Hamptons was founded as a summer holiday destination to escape from the daily hustle and bustle and centuries later, it still maintains the same atmosphere and culture. And best of all, it’s all within driving distance of New York City.

Mansion in the Hamptons

Palm Springs, California

Made famous by high profile celebrities in the 1950s, Palm Springs is still a sanctuary for the elite. An oasis for art, architecture and adventure, there is something for everyone to enjoy in the desert. Whilst a new wave of entrepreneurs has breathed new life into the area, golf, tennis, swimming and partying are still at the heart of Palm Springs!

Luxury pool overlooking mountains

Ibiza, Spain

Despite earning the reputation as being the clubbing capital of the world, the island of Ibiza is steeped in history. Known for attracting a stylish crowd, luxury travellers can soak up the bohemian spirit, beautiful beaches and culture. The island comes alive during the summer months and those looking for an opulent holiday destination would be wise to consider it.

Large White Villa with patio and pool

Crans-Montana, Switzerland

Situated 1500m above the Rhone Valley, neighbouring towns Crans and Montana boasts 140 km of world-class skiing routes. As well as offering panoramic views and a sun drenched plateau, the area has something to offer everyone – from boutique shops to Michelin star restaurants. And if skiing isn’t your sport of choice, there is an extensive network of walks within the forests, natural swimming lakes and the area is considered a golfing mecca.

Chalet with large pool

If you would like any further inspiration, or to book your ultra-luxe holidays in 2022, please contact us here.



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