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Add Michelin
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to your Christmas


The majority of our clients have endured a large amount stress during 2020. At SILKS, we are supporting our principles in a number of ways in order to celebrate the holiday season as best we can this year. T0 enjoy a stress free day, we are recommending hiring a private chef at Christmas. This will allow you to spend as much time as possible enjoying your day with loved ones.

If you have private domestic staff such as a housekeeper/cook who normally takes on this role, then this is an opportunity to provide them with extra support. A private chef will take care of all of the food shopping, meal preparation and cooking. They will also leave the kitchen in an immaculate condition, giving your existing staff time to carry out their routine duties. Or, perhaps your current household staff will require time off over the bank holidays to spend time with their families.

We know that some principles won’t want to deviate from the traditional Christmas menu, while other families will look to create new memories and experiences. For some this will include hiring not just a private chef, but one with Michelin star credentials to add an extra layer of luxury to their day. We have a vast network of private chefs and industry professionals that we work with. So no matter what your requirements, we can provide the necessary staffing solutions to make sure that you have a holiday season to remember!

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