Each household has their own unique style for running and managing their home. In a formal household, it is essential that housekeeping staff can work effectively as part of a team, whilst in a more relaxed household, some clients form a very close bond with their housekeepers, and they become an addition to their family.

When it comes to housekeeping, it doesn’t matter which way the household is managed, the principles of housekeeping prevail – to maintain exceptionally high cleaning standards on a day-to-day basis. We have outlined the main duties of a housekeeper below which may be useful to anyone who is new to hiring a housekeeper. However, this is not an exhaustive list and we always work hard with our clients to understand their exact needs and requirements – this insight into the home allows us to recruit the perfect candidate.

What are the duties of a housekeeper?

  • To maintain a clean and tidy home at all times, ensuring that all rooms are cared for
  • Laundry, ironing, and organisation of all linen – unless there is a dedicated laundress
  • Preparing weekly menu plans, and cooking on a daily basis
  • Taking children to and from school
  • Looking after the children if needed when they are in the home
  • Pet care
  • Running errands
  • Taking care of household plants
  • Managing other members of staff
  • Advising the principles or senior members of staff of any domestic repairs that are needed

At SILKS, we understand that above all, housekeepers need to be incredibly organised, flexible and a good personality match for the home. If you are looking to recruit housekeepers in Surrey, London, or across the UK, please contact us here.

SILKS Luxury Lifestyle Specialists was previously known as ‘Surrey Housekeepers‘ and we have been a leading recruitment agency for private household staff for over 10 years. Although we are now proud to offer our clients additional services, private household recruitment is still at the heart of what we do.