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So a new job beckons and the opportunity is too good to miss – trouble is, the job involves the entire family relocating overseas – oh dear!! All sounds very overwhelming doesn’t it? But not so. In the right hands your overseas move should be a seamless exercise in moving home and embracing change. So what’s involved?


This should be a given, a move to a new country needs thought and you should research your new home land thoroughly. Collect as much information as you possibly can regarding laws, customs, cost of living and anything else that gives you a feel for the culture you’re entering. Engage in local schools, requests brochures and check online feedback and forums. Engage a relocation company to support in the early days. Don’t forget your insurances and all the health coverage you will need. DENTISTS!! Register with doctors and investigate your nearest medical rooms. Hopefully these won’t be needed but you never know.


Consider reaching out to a relocation company ahead of the move. They can offer you great local knowledge, ensure you don’t miss out on a rental opportunites and arrange the meetings and walk rounds with schools. They will support with all doctors, medical rooms and any form filling that needs to be done. On hand for all that support ahead of the move.


Dependent on where you’re heading you may need to obtain an international driver permit. Check online and make the application. If you plan to ship your vehicle overseas, dependent on where you’re going it could be a far more cost-effective option than buying a new car. Remember to check local driving laws and pay attention to which side of the road you’ll need to drive on before you take the plunge with regards to shipping.


You can’t just turn up without the correct visas/passports and making an application for new ones can take months. Be prepared.


An international move is far more complex than a local one. Take time to research companies with a track record of overseas relocation. Again check online reviews and forums. Get a minimum of three quotes as these costs can spiral out of control. Take this move as an opportunity to declutter the home. You will be surprised at how much we collect over the years that serve no purpose in our lives. Get rid of what you don’t need. Remember this is a fresh start.


Children can often worry about the unknown when it comes to a big move so make sure they are fully involved in all the plans. Ensure they have a say about what type of house they’d like to live in and what sort of school would suit them. Of course you are the parent so ultimately you will make the decisions but always incorporate any views your children may have. A new language barrier can add to the anxiety of the move so again be prepared and ensure you seek out any expat communities to make sure your children understand they are not the only ones in this position. The more play dates you can arrange in the early days of your move, the easier the adjustment.


Moving to a new place abroad is exciting, it’s an opportunity that should not be overlooked. Buy guide books and plan trips and outings. It’s family bonding time and should be embraced. Be excited it’s going to be one hell of a ride.


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