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Corporate Events
in 2021


COVID-19 has forced us all to live and work very differently. Many have had to work remotely for the past 12 months and although this has been a god send for introverts, it has been challenging for those who thrive within the atmosphere of an office. With the easing of restrictions, it’s now a chance for companies and brands to thank their employees for working during the challenging times and to focus on reconnecting with their teams. Although we can’t operate events as we used to, there are opportunities to host Corporate Events in 2021.


Floral Display Created by Artistically Twisted

The main event trend in 2021 is ‘Festivalisation’ – giving your event a festival inspired format that will engage and entertain your attendees. You don’t have to host your event in a field and ask your guests to camp for a weekend and invite thousands of guests. However, it does mean that you make the event ‘organic’ and offer a variety of content and allow attendees to decide for themselves how and when they consume it. This way it provides a friendly atmosphere and the event doesn’t run to a timed schedule. Festivalisation is an opportunity to combine both education through outdoor workshops whilst entertaining staff.

Hybrid Events

We expect that some clients will need a hybrid of in-person and virtual attendance events in 2021. It could be an opportunity to connect global offices, and respect the boundaries of those employees who aren’t able or ready to attend events just yet. As we have all had to adapt to using online experiences throughout lockdown, most are familiar with video conferencing apps and virtual meetings.

Virtual Cocktail Making Class

Bartender Pouring ice into a glass

Cocktail masterclasses are an interactive and creative concept which can be hosted both in-person and via the hybrid event model. We are able to send out full instructions, all of the ingredients and professional cocktail equipment required for the session ahead of the event to all guests who are joining the event online.

Michelin Star Service

For smaller teams who would like to meet in London, why not dine at William Drabble’s Michelin star Seven Park Place restaurant at St. James’ Hotel & Club. Through our partnership, the team can offer our clients complimentary bubbles on arrival when enjoying either lunch or dinner during June 2021. And if you would like to combine business and pleasure, then why not book one of their executive boardrooms to host intimate business meetings.

Michelin Star Cuisine by William Drabble

The Library at St. James’ Hotel & Club

Maintaining Social Distancing

When planning a corporate event, we will make sure that we are keeping within the government social distancing guidelines at all times. Some of the measures that we will use are listed below for your reference:

  • Using floor markers throughout the event to organise movement of guests
  • Placing empty seats in between guests to maintain space
  • All surfaces and high touch point areas will be rigorously cleaned and disinfected
  • Multiple hand sanitisation and hand washing stations will be visible throughout
  • Face masks will be offered to all guests
  • Create name tags to discourage handshaking and physical touching

If you would like to discuss how SILKS Luxury Lifestyle Specialists can bring your Corporate Events in 2021 to life, please contact us.


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