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Hiring a
Luxury Housekeeper:
Common questions


We have recruited private household staff for over 10 years, and our wealth of experience means that we can give the very best guidance to our Principles and House Managers. Often, we are asked the same questions from clients who are new to hiring housekeepers within their home. We thought it may be useful to outline some of these FAQs for anyone who is looking to hire a luxury housekeeper.

How much should I pay a luxury housekeeper?

It really does depends on the brief and the size of the home. We will work with clients to fully understand their brief and advise them accordingly. However, most clients will pay between £450 – £600 net a week for a full -time housekeeper. Some clients require staff to undertake many roles within the home as well as housekeeping such as childcare, cooking and driving etc.

If housekeepers live within the home, what’s the standard salary?

Again, the standard salary of a live in housekeeper depends upon the experience that the candidate has, as well as the duties that are required.  Typically, the average salary for this role is £400- 600.

Do I need to provide meals for my household staff?

Some clients have staff accommodation within the home normally in the form of a self -contained annex where staff can prepare their own meals. The hours within the contract and the requirements of each household will determine if the client wishes to provide meals for their staff.

Who is in charge of paying tax and national insurance for housekeepers?

If the luxury housekeeper is self-employed, then they are in charge of paying their own tax and National Insurance. However, if they are employed, then it is the responsibility of the client to pay these costs.

Do I have to pay for annual leave?

If housekeepers are self employed, they won’t be entitled to claim for annual leave.  If they are employed by the household, then statutory holiday entitlement applies. This should be detailed within the employment contract.

Are hourly rates for luxury housekeepers more expensive in London?

We mainly recruit private household staff across Surrey, Berkshire, London, however, we do recruit across the entire UK. As a general rule, salaries for luxury housekeepers are usually the same across the country. The salary for housekeepers will depend upon the expected duties, previous experience and professional qualifications that they hold.

If you would like any more information on hiring luxury housekeepers for your home, please contact us here.


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