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Happiness and harmony
at Home


Our homes are an extension of who we are and how we live our lives. From the moment you step into someone’s house you get a measure of the character that resides there. A messy environment can have a negative impact on our mood and therefore our health, so what simple changes can we make to adjust our outlook on life and therefore promote happiness and harmony within the home?


  1. Making your bed in the morning is proven to be the simplest of tasks that has a positive impact on your day.
  2. Clutter causes stress – order creates a haven. Spend 3 minutes on each room first thing in the morning to get the room ready for the day ahead, don’t add to yesterday’s chaos as an out of control environment breeds negative energy.
  3. Sentimental photographs and objects enhance mood, surplus items create mess. Make your home a gallery of positivity.
  4. Gratitude is key to attracting wealth and well-being. At the end of each day, spend a minute or two reflecting on the positives of the day, maybe write down a line or two and save in your journal.
  5. We all overstretch ourselves and people please. Try to make fewer plans and don’t stress about saying no. Being true to yourself allows for a richer and more fulfilling life.
  6. Ensure children have an active role in the maintenance of their home. One day they will walk in our shoes and simple adjustments now with ensure they respect the home place as much as they should.
  7. Paperwork is a curse of all busy households and unopened post and piles of bills create ill feeling amongst family members. Ensure you create a simple and effective filing system and utilise it every single day.
  8. Writing lists is key to decluttering the mind. Ensure there a pads around the house to write down ideas or must dos. You will be amazed at how sleep is enhanced when you have off-loaded the mind.
  9. Spend a minute or two everyday connecting with something greater than yourself. Meditation is proven to improve happiness. Take a spiritual walk through nature, create a home spa, whatever, soothes your soul, indulge and take the time. You deserve it.
  10. Time with your loved ones cannot be underestimated. It’s the richest part of our lives and we must invest the time in the people we care about. Simple tweaks and adjustments to the way we live our lives can create a haven to allow special moments to happen without the added clutter getting in the way.



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