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The demand for highly experienced domestic couples continues to grow as families require more for their money. Hiring a couple can be straight-forward however, getting the combined strengths from both parties is key. So what is required and what living arrangements need to be in place to ensure a long and stable relationship?

Relevant experience on both parts is vital and basic skills need to be met in the first instance. One part of the couple definitely needs to be able to drive all manner of vehicles with a clean UK or EU driving licence. The other should have meticulous standards when it comes to housekeeping. Beyond these basic requirements one counterpart would take on all the essential maintenance in the home achieving a safe environment and on hand to repair and mend when needed. The garden is a key area which will need tending; experience in this field is vital to fully reap the benefits of hiring a couple. The individual needs horticultural skills and an understanding of irrigation, planting, garden machinery and of course the aesthetics not forgetting the seasonal demands of a garden. Cooking is a valuable skill to be thoroughly embraced and enjoyed by all members of the family. High end dinner party fayre or good home cooking, whatever your requirements, ensure you trial as no one person has the same standards in the kitchen. Laundry is a vital component of the job. Every family no matter how many members generate washing and this needs to be embraced by an excellent laundress who is well versed with fabric care.

So where do your dream team live? Typically domestic couples will be a married so it would be wise to offer separate accommodation with all the expected amenities. One bedroom will suffice but a fully functioning kitchen is a must to ensure privacy on both parts is respected.

Whatever your requirements be it security, gardening, driving, cooking, pool care, maintenance, housekeeping OR childcare, it is all in a days’ work for a successful domestic couple.

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