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Classic cars can be appreciated on so many different levels; for their history, engineering, art, and above all unique design. Conjuring up many emotions for enthusiasts, classic cars offer an experience, style and exclusivity which a more modern car can’t provide.

RNG Classics offer an enviable collection of timeless and iconic classic vehicles for self-drive. Containing British racing heritage, beguiling design and pedigree. Italian star quality, class and flair and a sprinkling of American muscle and power!

RNG Classics have a highly unique and eclectic range of vehicles lovingly maintained to preserve originality, and presented as if they turned the clocks back to a different era of passionate motoring creation and production.

Robert Gillison, Founder of RNG Classics, knows too well that classic motoring is all about that tug of the heart strings, passion and overpowering feeling. Driving one of their pristine vehicles will help you to fulfil a host of your different dreams and aspirations. And RNG Classics offers a bespoke service focused on each individual request.

RNG Classic Founder

Whether it be the grace, elegance and pace of a 1969 Jaguar E-Type roadster. Or Magnum P.I’s favourite ride, the 1984 Ferrari 308 GTSi. Relive a little of the 70’s in our original and restored 1971 MGB GT or MKIV Triumph Spitfire. Or tear up some tarmac in a brute of an AC Cobra with a 4 litre V8 lump!

Available to self-drive in London, Surrey, Kent & Sussex, the cars are typically hired for weddings, private dining, sightseeing and milestone birthdays. If you would like an introduction to the team, please contact us.


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