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A simple act of
self care
in 2021  


Every December, we traditionally have a habit of relaxing our attitudes and routines when it comes to our diet and exercise patterns. Then, come January, the whole nation is transfixed on getting back into shape and creating a long list of resolutions that can often feel unachievable and lead us feeling overwhelmed.

In 2021, it is even more important that we take care of our health given the latest government guidelines and restrictions. Whether it is gifting ourselves 30 minutes to meditate, prepare a nutritious meal, exercise or simply speak to a friend or loved one, it is vital that we are kind to ourselves.

An easy and simple act of self care is to include a spoonful or two of raw honey into our diet every day. The health benefits of consuming honey is endless and it can help to improve a compromised immune system and increase gut health. There are so many easy ways to include this into our meals and drinks –

  • Stir it into your favourite herbal tea
  • Add it to a smoothie
  • Mix it with oil and vinegar to pour over salad dressings
  • Add a spoonful into warm milk before bedtime

Manuka Honey

During periods of lockdown, we have seen an increase in levels of anxiety and stress. A contributing factor to this could be our compromised sleeping patterns due to the changes in our routine. If you consume honey every day, it can aid you in getting you the sleep you need, leading to reduced stress and potentially reduced anxiety.

We have recently discovered The True Honey Co. which is harvested in New Zealand and we can’t recommend it more highly. The medical grade manuka honey is free of contaminants as the hives are planted in the middle of some of the purest stands of Manuka in New Zealand’s most remote, pristine locations.

The True Honey Co. go to such lengths to produce this world class product, the 5500 hives are so remote, they are unreachable by trucks and cars and instead they use helicopters to locate and place the hives.

To talk to SILKS and discuss how we can assist you in improving and maintaining your lifestyle in 2021, please contact us here.




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