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It seems that each year, the festive season becomes more and more extravagant. And Christmas installations within luxury homes are becoming more creative to keep up with the demanding trends. So with the magical time of year almost upon us, we wanted to showcase some of the amazing partners we have at our fingertips who can add some festive cheer to your home this Christmas.

Fabienne Egger is a leading floral designer who has nearly 30 years’ experience working for the best florists throughout London and Europe. Fabienne not only works with some of the largest and luxurious hotels and venues across the south east, she also creates bespoke and completely unique floral installations within private homes. Her team can create dramatic displays both within the home, and externally too. We asked Fabienne for her top tips when designing Christmas installations this year…

Set the scene with a hallway display

Christmas tree decorated in blue ornaments

Photo credit – Fabienne Egger

A floral display within the hallway really enhances the festive feeling within your home, and the space can be adapted to suit any theme you choose.

Don’t be predictable

You don’t have to stick to the traditional colour palettes at Christmas. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and choose colours that you normally wouldn’t such as turquoise and plum, or silver and aubergine for a dynamic twist.

Maximise all available spaces

Christmas Mantle Piece Wreath with ornate birds and decorations

Photo credit – Fabienne Egger

The mantlepiece is a fantastic space within the home to create maximum impact and shouldn’t be overlooked. As the main focal point within a room, it can take centre stage when in the right hands.

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