Moving schools can be a positive step, but also a challenging one, and every parent wants to make it as stress-free as possible. Beyond academic achievement, schools shape your child’s outlook, values, friendships, and extracurricular interests. So, it is vital that finding the right school is key when relocating to the UK.

As part of our relocation services, we can help you in finding the perfect school for your family. We can also connect you with global online tutors who can prepare your children for the educational transition or revising for entrance exams if necessary.

First, we will ask you to profile your ideal school, considering what would be suitable for your family, location, and finances. Some areas that you may wish to think about are:

  • Boarding school vs Day school
  • Independent vs State school
  • Single sex vs Coeducational
  • Religious vs Non-Religious
  • Is SEN support required?

Ofsted reports and prospectus’ provide a snapshot of information, but our extensive network means that we can provide you with guidance on the ethos and philosophy of each school which can help you to decide which school would fit the social and emotional development for your child.

Once you have decided upon a school, our network of educational professionals can work with your children to make sure that there are academically in line with their new school. Identifying any knowledge gaps ahead of time can make the transition into their new school environment stress-free.

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